Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tsukasa Hinoura and Konosuke. New sexiness from Japan!

Knives from Hinoura san have finaly arrived. We've been waiting a long time. Tsukasa Hinoura san is from Sanjo, just outside of Niigata. He is a third generation knife maker and has been forging since he was 22 years old (that's 31 years experience now). His method of twisted damascus steel is unique and totally cool. The blade is forged from #1 Shirogami (HRC63ish) and the handle is octogon magnolia wood and water buffalo. These knives are so fabulous in the looks department with the 'twisted' Damascus pattern that he has won awards twice at the Seki knife show. Truely works of art from the man himself.

Petty 135mm $791
Santoku 165mm $1339
Nakiri $1339
Gyuto 210mm $1756

Konosuke Knives are a great little knife company based in Sakai, just outside of Osaka. This knife is hand forged from Ginsan stainless steel. Ginsan is, in my opinion, a knife makers steel of the future. It cuts smooth like carbon steel, sharpens as easy as carbon steel, but is stainless. What a great idea. But what really sets these apart is the mirror polished sakura (cherry blossom) pattern. Easily the sexiest knife in the world. I have seen the process, but have been sworn to secrecy about how the mirrored blossoms are hand polished onto the blade. Each blade comes with a handmade wooden saya (sheath).

It's been hard keeping these in stock since we started carrying them in July.

petty 120mm $285
petty 150mm $298
nakiri 165mm $350
santoku 165mm $387
gyuto 180mm $387
gyuto 210mm $466

Here is a new one with same kind pattern, but obviously based on a different plant.....................................A Japanese maple of course. Comes with a Japanese maple and water buffalo horn handle.
165mm Santoku $398

This is my fave new stuff. Also from Konosuke these are mirror polished by hand. They are sandvivk stainless steel, which means they will always be super mirro shiny. Check out our wave logo reflected in the blade. Next time I'm on TV this will be my go-to knife. It will look sick!!! Oh, also, these knives are made exclusively for Knifewear. Konosuke makes knives that look like this, but only in Sandvick steel for us. Cool huh? Waterproof hoo wood and water buffalo horn handle. Did I mention they are as light and as thin as any knife I've ever held. They cut like a dream.
120mm petty $284
150mm petty $295
165mm Nakiri $340
165mm Santoku $346
180mm Gyuto $361
210mm Gyuto $381
240mm Gyuto $422

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