Friday, October 12, 2012

October News

Sharp Knives Rock

More Stores to Serve You!!
If you hang about on that waste of time called Twitter you may already know that we're opening stores like crazy.

We opened Kelowna, BC in June of this year and it's going great with Mark at the helm. This is a full service store with kick-butt products, classes and sharpening service.

Our first Edmonton pop-up will be at the Enjoy Center in St Albert on October 20. This will be strictly sales of knives, sharpening supplies, Lucky Peach and shirts.

Our second Edmonton pop-up will be at a yet to be determined location from November 20- December 31. This shop will have sales of all of our products that you love (knives, sharpening supplies, shaving gear, books, mags, cutting boards....) but will not offer sharpening or classes. Sorry.

November 15 - July 15 we have a spot at the Calgary Farmers Market for sales only till the end of the year, but will offer 'sharpen as you shop' service starting in January. How cool is that?

Calgary Farmer's Market
November 15 - July 15

Thursday-Sunday 9am - 5pm

Beside Silk Road Spice Merchants

twitter: @KnifewearCFM

Edmonton Pop-up Shop October
Saturday, October 20

10am - 6pm

Enjoy Center, St Albert

twitter: @KnifewearYEG

Edmonton Pop-up Shop November/December
November 20 - December 31

At a location TBD

twitter: @KnifewearYEG

Kelowna, BC
10am-6pm every day

10am - 8pm Thursdays
Pandosy Street

twitter: @KelownaKnife

Maskage in Calgary
Thank you to everyone who came to Sunfest this year for the blacksmithing demo by Kato san and the blacksmiths of Maskage Knives. It was a super cool and they acually made knives in the street with coal, fire, sledge hammers and anvils. It was quite an event that you can read more about here. It's always great to meet up with the Masakage gang and especially nice to welcome Toru Tamura san back to the Knifewear shop.

You can follow the adventures of the Blacksmiths and Shibata san on Twitter: @MasakageKnives

Shibata san, President of Masakage Knives
Kato san and (Yuu) Kurosaki san, Master Balcksmiths
Tamura san, Ikeda san and (Makoto) Kurosaki san, Apprentice Blacksmiths

The Return of Tongue Cutter
For those of you that loved it and those that missed it you're in luck! Tongue Cutter is back and will be even gutsier. Robert, the head brewer at Brewsters has said he wants to tweak the already rad recipe to make it maltier, boozier and hoppier. Basically the original recipe hopped up on some performance enhancers. I for one can't wait. Tentative launch date is November 17, 2012. We are hoping to get a few kegs up to Edmonton this time around. Oh, and I feel it's worth mentioning that the last batch of 20 kegs was gone in 11 days. This time around we'll be making 40 kegs and hopefully it will last a bit longer. Personally I'm hoping to have more than the 5 pints I had last time.

Available in pints at Brewsters and Beer Revolution

Carve Like a Turkey!
When the bird is golden brown and mouthwatering to look at don’t feel the fool when the carving knife is thrust toward you. We’ll help you with the skills you need to rock the turkey this season. Our demonstration classes are only $15 ($15 will be credited toward a slicing knife on the night) and you’ll get a turkey sandwich to boot.
Tuesday November 27 at 6pm sharp

Calgary location only

Call 403 514 0577 to book your spot.

The class is limited to 15

Shave Shop
Shave Shop
If you've been to the Calgary Shop recently you will have noticed that we've pumped up the shaving gear and there is more to come.

Edwin Jagger, D R Harris, E-Shave, Jack Black, Dovo, Merkur, Feather, Kent, VieLong, Art of Shaving, Taylors of Old Bond St., RazoRock, Cella, Lord, Col. Conk, Vulfix, Gold Dachs, James Bronnley, Iwasaki san, Knifewear Kamasori razors.

If you wet shave we can take care of you. It's my new hobby. Who thought I'd love shaving?

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