Monday, November 26, 2012

Knifewear Edmonton is Open

So, we opened our little Edmonton pop-up shop on Nov 20 and we will be there till December 31. How cool is that? We’ve had a warm welcome from that cool (even cold sometimes) City. If all goes well we might open a full time shop there. If you have any suggestions where it should be located please send and email or tweet.

So the shop is staffed  by  three rad folks. Jordan worked for a year or so at the Calgary store. He’s a great resource for the difficult questions and places rad guitar. Chad is a cooking/butcher/hunter/gatherer/backyard oven making guru. You are in great hands. Jeanette is a chef with dreams of starting a food truck in YEG. Awesome team!

The shop has tons of knives, basically our ‘Best of’ album. With knives in every budget and in every level of performance. Also have sharpening gear, cutting boards, meaty cookbooks, great food and coffee mags, and bits and bobs that everyone needs. Basically our whole shop. Make sure to check out the ‘Shaving Stairs’ we have staright razors, safetys, blades, brushes and potions/lotions for the modern wet shaving man.

Open 10-6 every day (even Sunday)

Twitter: @KnifewearYEG

Watch for possible pop-up shopd within ours.

8422  109 St
Edmonton, Alberta
Right beside Three Boars Eatery

Sharp knives, beer and meat. What more do you need???

Here's a nice little blog about the shop

Here's a great preview

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