Sunday, December 16, 2012

Leah's Christmas List!

Leah's Christmas List!

First off, I simply love soup! Especially on cool winter days, it's comforting and delicious. Of course, you'd need a pot to cook it in, so why not a beautiful copper pot? Seriously, have you SEEN how gorgeous those copper pots are? They are works of art!! I also love the Sriracha logo design, it's really simple - not to mention its a kickass hot-sauce. Now, the best for last :D I have fallen unconditionally in love with the Takamuras, I am endlessly impressed with their performance every single time. They also have such a beautiful and elegant appearance, at least I think so. Then you have the ko-bunka Koishi - wow. Brilliant design AND a badass performance, they're sexy. I'd probably freak if I got any of these things for Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Leah

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