Monday, January 02, 2012

December news

Shave Like a Pro
I got hooked on classic shaving gear when trying a proper brush and soap. Who knew shaving could be enjoyable and didn't need to be painful. Turns out all you need is good gear.

Proper soaps lubricates your skin, help the razor glide and leaves your skin moisturized when your done. Those cans of foam just don't do the job well, not to mention the chemicals, drying alcohol and pain killers in that stuff. To go to the bonus round a safety razor or straight razor is just the ticket.
Naoto and I have been rocking safetys and Rob has raised the bar with a straight. All of us, including Mark and Kasumi are using brushes and real soap. Tune into Twitter to catch up on our daily shave updates. @KnifeNerd
We carry:
Brushes: Kent, Simpson, Vie-Long and Vulfix Safety Razors: Merkur
Straight Razors: Dovo and Iwasaki san Soaps: DR Harris (Arlington, Marlborough, Almond, Lavendar, Rose), Dovo (Eucalyptus, Almond, Mint),
Kent (English Gentleman), James Bronnley (Seville Orange & Bergamot), Col.Conk (Lime, Bay Rum, Almond, Amber)

New Stuff in da House
Just arrived are some super sexy hand folded Damascus blades from Takamura san made from R2 powder steel. These are some of the best blades I've ever used and live in the last cabinet.

New knives from
Saji san have arrived as well. The blades are blackened VG10 Damascus steel but the aweosomest part is the Japanese deer antler handles. Very Macho for the manly man you know.
Copper Pots
If you’ve ever cooked with a copper pot you know you can’t go back. Hand hammered copper pot from Shimakura-do and Gyokusen-do will be hitting the shelves today. The pots from Shimakura start at $300 and the pots/artwork/objects of desire from Gyokusen start at $1100. Gotta see them to believe them.
Books and Magazines
Meat Paper, Lucky Peach, Bones, Fat, new elBulli, Momofuku, Mission Street Food, Joe Beef, Keith Richards Autobiography, Blowin In the Wind (children's book by Bob Dylan), Extraordinary Chickens, Extraordinary Pigs, Ham, Good Meat and books from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Stocking stuffers
As usual we have a fun collection of small items perfect for stocking stuffers. Guitar shaped spatulas, "pot" holders, small chicken books, Field Guide to Meat, hipster food mags, fish scalers, fish tweezers, Best whisks, sharpening stones, sushi 

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