Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's Beer!
What goes better with knives than beer? Clearly we need a beer and knife party. 

We were thinking what would make our awesome knife shop even awesomer and came up with the idea of Knifewear Beer. The good folks at Beer Revolution have a great brewpub and were just as excited as we were about the idea. Sooooo as a collaborative effort we have brewed an IPA that is so hoppy it will be reminiscent of the flavour of steel. Strong enough to cut your tongue.
6.2% ABV
80+ IBU

It will be available in pints at Beer Revolution and all Brewsters Brewpubs in Calgary. Also might be available in the downtown Edmonton Brewsters. 500ml bottles for off-sale will be available at Beer Revolution. Only 20 kegs were made so Tongue Cutter won't be around for long, maybe 2 weeks. Get it when you can.

We will also have the Masakage Zero knives for sale that night for the first time ever.

Knifewear Tongue Cutter IPA launch party:
February 21 at 7:00pm
Beer Revolution1080 8 ST SW

Welcome Mike
If you've been into the shop recently you would have noticed a new face. We are proud to announce that Mike Wrinch has joined the Knifewear Inglewood team.

Mike, our third kilt wearer, has been a chef for the past 15 years and has been a knife aficionado for most of them. His love of Japanese knives began, coincidentally, when Kevin started selling them. Mike decided that it was time to get out from behind the stoves and hanging out at Knifewear wasn’t paying the bills so he hired himself. Mike loves to talk about food and cooking as well as knives.

Knifewear Kelowna and Vancouver
Well, the rumours are least we think they are. We plan to open two new Knifewear shops this year. One in Kelowna and one in Vancouver. 

Our Kelowna store, in the heart of Canada's wine country, will be in the steady hands of Mark. We are gonna misss him and his legendary sharpening skills at Knifewear Inglewood, but, hey, Kelownites are gona have way sharper knives now. Personally I'm looking forward to summer visits.

We are planning to open Knifewear Vancouver. How cool is that? Expect sake classes at the Vancouver store as well. 
Knifemakers in the House
This summer (maybe June?) we are having the coolest event ever. We will have 6 blacksmiths from Takefu Knife Village demonstrating old style knife making techniques. Ya, amazing huh? Fire, anvils, sledgehammers, the works. Oh, and traditional white kimono.

The blacksmiths will be Kato sanAnryu sanKurosaki san, Saji san, Tamura san, Ikeda san. AWESOME!!

Masakage Zero
Masakage Knives are launching a new line caled Masakage Zero. The knives are made by Yu Kurosaki san of Takefu village. He's a young, but awesome knife maker who trained under Kato san. The blades are made with Aogami Super (Super Blue Steel) core and clad with stainless steel.  Tsuchime (hammer marks) are added after forging the blade for good looks and so the balde will slip through food easier. The western iron wood handle has a sexy mosaic pin through it for a bit of extra awesomeness. For those who like a heavier blade Masakage Zero will blow your mind. Launching at the Knifear IPA party on February 21.

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