Monday, January 02, 2012

January News

15% Off Maskage Knives
As a thank you to or kick butt customers we are offering 15% off Masakage Knives for the entire month of January.
Masakage knives are near to our hearts at Knifewear because these are the knives we help design.
Come by the shop if you are in town. Or order on-line (the discount is calculated at the checkout).

Knifewear Beer

We love IPA and we love knives, so.......we are gonna make a beer that tastes like a knife. Overly hopped to the point of metalic tasting, almost able to cut the tongue. Cool huh?? This is a collaboration between Knifewear and Calgary's newest brewpub Beer Revolution.
Obviously the label will be designed by our fave designer, Pierre Lamielle.

Expect the launch party to be in early Feb.

Knife Making Demos
This summer (July or August) we are having the coolest event ever. We will have 6 blacksmiths from Takefu Knife Village demonstrating old style knife making techniques. Ya, amazing huh? Fire, anvils, sledgehammers, the works. Oh, and traditional white kimono. 
The blacksmiths will be Kato san, Anryu san, Kurosaki san, Saji san, Tamura san, Ikeda san. AWESOME!!

Takamura san

Always looking for new kick ass knives we were very fortunate to meet Takamura san last year. He makes fantasticly sexy and great cutting knives with R2 powder steel. I would rate his knives amongst the best I've ever used (and I have had the chance to try many, many amazing knives). Takamura san is an outstanding blacksmith and we are mega happy to offer his knives at Knifewear.

New Waterstones
It's time for even more cool stuff at the shop. We have ordered new stones from Imanashi in two styles. Some are mega hard which means they dish very slowly and sharpen knives very quickly. Perfect for hard stainless steels like VG10 and powder steels like R2. The other style we've ordered are synthetic stones that give results like natural stones, perfect for carbon steel knives, like Aogami Super. 
Not just knife nerds, but waterstone nerds too. How embarrassing.

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